Bitcoin & altcoin exchange - financial crypto-currencies trading service

Exchange for virtual crypto-currencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin etc. Highly concurrent trading platform with real-time client updates with WebSockets.

  • Web based
  • Realtime web browser updates with WebSockets
  • JSON-RPC integration with altcoin C++ based wallet applications
  • High efficiency tested with JMeter
  • Single machine performance: ~10000 reqs/sec, ~200 trade transactions/sec, 15 000 online WebSocket clients
  • Very good unit tests code coverage
  • Multilanguage
  • Lot of highly-cached background services
  • External public REST API

OptiSel - Industrial fan selection software

OptiSel is an application that helps to select a industrial propeller for actual cooling requirements. System is based on Microsoft XLS-imported databases scanned to find optimal working conditions choosen as user criteria.

  • Web based
  • Custom interactive chart drawing library (both Flash ActionSript3 and static image for PDF)
  • AJAX based searching
  • PDF export
  • Internal CRM system with statistics
  • Multilanguage

Prototype of key scanning module for vending machine

Prototype of a module created for vending machine. It detects key type by it's profile (section) processing based on frontal camera shot. Provides accurate (~0.1mm) key shape measurement by top camera to create all required data to clone inserted key in a CNC machine.

  • Lot of custom image analysis algorithms
  • Genetic self-learning optical distortion reduction
  • Performance optimalisations
  • Custom shape recognition algorithm
  • Genetic, self-improving for best results shape measurement algorithm.
  • Physical prototype including mechanical construction and electrical cirtuit
  • PC driven top/front camera lighting switching
  • Easy scanning of new key profiles to database

Dynamic Library for fan selection process

DLL Library created to provide Wentech fan selection to third party selection applications. Single-dll solution was a requirement, so this application contains individual custom tool program, which fetches data from Microsoft XLS documents and converts it to static C++ source code data wrapper.

  • Custom in-DLL data storage based on Java generated C++ sources
  • Microsoft XLS file processing
  • Work included creation of full technical API & usage documentation with examples and client support
  • Included on-site training for data source updates

MfGenerator - NetBeans plugin

NetBeans plugin that improves software development work performance with my custom MVC PHP Framework.

  • SQL database schema presentation in IDE column on the side
  • Data-acquisition CRUD-like code snippet generators
  • Uses Netbeans Platform API for integration as IDE plug-in

Energy cost calculator

Simple energy cost calculator - school project.

  • JFreeChart charting
  • CSV exporting
  • Internal devices database
  • XML objects storage with XStream

Steel recrystallization modeling application

Simple school project about 2-dimensional steel recrystallization process visualisation with presentation of several algorithms like Monte Carlo.