BlogPoster - content synonimizing and automated publishing tool

GUI application for creating SEO articles with synonimization. Automatizes publishing to online services like Blogger.

  • Eclipse RCP based
  • Blogger and Wordpress API publication
  • XML data storage

SeoEditor - article editor for SEO

Synonyms-based article editor with nice GUI representation of all added synonyms and proposals retreivied from web service with "learning" capabilities.

  • Central synonyms database, which learns remotely from application users
  • Content sentence proposals queried from Google Search with plain text extraction from result websites

Anchorer - spammed Internet boards harvester

Concurrent automation tool for gathering spammed phpBB boards from Internet. Uses concurrent working tasks, which consists of traversing links and qualifying sites as spamed or not-spamed by specific criterias like anchor analysis.

  • Highly concurrent
  • Uses internal HTTP client
  • DOM parsing
  • Optimised hash-based SQL solutoion for detecting already visited links

KillerGen - content and website generator

Random english sentences generator with hierarchical structure based on internal templating language.

  • English content creation with simple grammary and dictionary implementation
  • Custom templating language

GoogleSearcher - high throughput google search application

Application that mixes given phrase lists and additional special words with random settings of fake user agents and several cookie storages to prevent Google search from blocking HTTP requests.

  • Lot of small ideas to prevent automation detection by Google

Proxy Tester

Concurrent proxy testing tool that parses proxy list text file and queries each proxy to fetch targetted test file in internet.

  • Additional server side module that recognizes if proxy is truly anonymous

LinkChecker - web link presence tester

Simple SEO tool for checking presence of HTML links on external sites. Its purpose is to test if all exchanged/bought SEO links were not removed from third party websites.

  • DOM Parsing
  • Task scheduling

LinkFarma - SEO link farm management tool

SEO tool for management and generation of link farm.

  • Graphical representation of html links network.
  • Cycle-like HTML link connections generator