- Web 2.0 social site

Web 2.0 social site targeted to people interested in art. Profiles, groups, messages, forum, videos, gallery, banner system, promotions, events, places, calendar and other modules

  • Advanced Google Maps usage
  • Lot of use cases
  • Advanced templating system - Hostels network home site

Home site of one of the best hostel network in Poland. Included lot of modules like:

  • CMS Panel
  • Ratings parsing from external site
  • Multilangugage
  • Multiple themes based on the same core code (individual theme for each hostel)

Artyś - online auction site

Simple online auction site targeted to beginner artists.

  • Web based

Artysta.TV - small video aggregator site

Website to aggregate videos uploaded by users.

  • H.264 video encoding in background with FFMPEG
  • Video ads playback at begining of played media

Video-application form

Small application used to receive the candidate applications throught web interface. Apart from simple form submission it allows candidate to upload video file and also record video online by webcam

  • Webcam video recording with Red5
  • Web based

Facebook applications

Lot of Facebook social applications - mostly contests based on voting on uploaded user content, friend invitations etc.

  • Facebook API integration
  • Mobile versions or responsive layout design

Absolute Editor - rapid CSS positioning tool

Small helper tool for rapid positioning of CSS/JS buttons and other user interface controls, well suited to improve speed of simple Facebook fanpage and canvas application development process. Tool generates HTML/CSS/JS code based on mouse positioned elements and fine grained shifting of image position and hover effects.

  • HTML/CS/JS code generation
  • Highly improved process of simple UI elements creationg for Facebook applications

Lucky Hears - Sizzling Hot clone

Flash based slot machine game with rules like classic Sizzling Hot gambling machine.

  • Advanced programmable API for win-chance configuration
  • Easy to configure profit percentage

zMailing - query-based mailing system

Mailing system that sends messages in two stages - query with agree-link and actual message after client agreement.

  • Mail queue management and generation
  • Two-step mailing capabilities with ad receivement acceptance as first step.

ArtystaCRM - CRM tool

CRM tool integrated with database to simplify and organize clients management, contacts and tasks.


Very simple CRM solution for contacts access and external API created for fast contact management. Includes a lot of public websites parsing tools. Data for this system was acquired by creation of about ~20 website parsers based on cUrl and phpQuery.

  • External API
  • Parsing websites, DOM manipulation

Demotivator images creation & aggregation Web2.0 site targeted to German society.

  • Image upload & manipulations (border and captions creation)

Domovitka - russian Q/A site

Basic question-and-answer site, where people can add questions for specified categories, vote for best questions and make responses (also rated by other users). Medical subject area. - shopping website

Simple shopping website with CMS.

Motorista - motorcycle dealer home site

Simple motorcycle dealer home site with CMS

"Plus myjnia" booking system

Reservation system for car wash.

Home site for artists manager.

Toolkovik - map based web site

Google maps based website. It purpose was to find nearest business in choosen category.

  • Business data acquisition from external website
  • Find-nearest functionality with Google Map presentation. - my own startup

My own AdSense-targeted startup site about jokes, but already sold long time ago.

  • Gave me a lot of SEO experience